Chicória Amazônica 25g

Up to 50 servings (0.5-1g per individual application)

Discover our Chicória Amazônica: the superfood with a distinctive aroma that will transform your health!

This widely used culinary herb is much more than flavor. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, chicory boasts incredible medicinal properties. With high levels of inulin, which benefits the gastrointestinal system and prevents cancer, this functional food is a true treasure.

Furthermore, it is an organic source of bioactive compounds that offer antioxidants, cholesterol control, and immune support. It also acts as a powerful natural sedative. If you engage in exercise, chicory is your ally for building muscle, controlling appetite, and weight loss.

Try it now and transform your health with Chicória Amazônica!

Usage suggestions: Teas and juices. It can also be used in cooking, in dishes such as rice, soups, omelets, salads, and seasonings (read more).

Rich in: Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin C, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese (click here for more scientific and technical information)

Buying with Horta da Terra you:

  • Promotes Amazonian biodiversity
  • Supports our regenerative and syntropic agriculture
  • Preserve the environment
  • Guarantees all nutritional, functional and medicinal powers of plants

Our products can be applied in a variety of food recipes, supplements, alternative vegetable protein sources, drinks, meals, in addition to functional drinks. They also serve the cosmetics, herbal, medicinal and other wellness industries.

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