Plant Based Recipes

Delicious blend of freeze-dried Açai, Ora-Pro-Nóbis and Vinagreira:

Just the perfect combination of the energy and antioxidant powers of our Açaí, high levels of protein and healing action of our Ora-Pro-Nóbis and the digestive and immunologic support of our Vinagreira!

With our açaí + ora-pro-nóbis + vinagreira blend, it is possible to obtain ALL of the benefits of these super foods, since they have all of their nutritional values 100% intact, due to our freeze-drying technology. The ingestion of these products means adding energy to your daily activities, more satiety and muscular regeneration with the high level of protein, as well as bringing a bit of the Amazon to your home!

Recommendation: one teaspoon of each product.



Add one dessert spoon (2g) of our powdered Açaí and Ora-pro-Nóbis into 200ml of your favorite juice!

What you’ll be getting: loads of antioxidants, energy and protein value!


Vinagreira or Ora-pro-Nóbis tea:

Add one teaspoon of your favorite product into 200 ml of a tea you enjoy 🙂

What you’ll be getting: healthy digestive system and/or loads of nutritious proteins! 


Vinagreira and Ora-pro-Nóbis broth:

Add one soup spoon (5g) of each powdered product, dash of olive oil,1 liter of water, vegetables and spices you enjoy the most! Heat the olive oil in a pan and saute the onion. Add the vegetables and the spices, followed by water and cook it on medium fire for about 20 minutes. Serve it warm.

What you’ll be getting: A warm and nutritious dish with our Ora-Pro-Nóbis, a rich dietary supplement with amazing protein value, as well as our Vinagreira, the ideal extra for a perfect digestive system!


Rice with Vinagreira and Ora-pro-nóbis:

Add one soup spoon (5g) of each product, a dash of olive oil, 1 tea cup of rice, 2 tea cups of water, season to taste. Heat the olive oil in a pan and saute the rice with the spices you like. Add water and let it cook until the water evaporates completely.

Also works adding to fruit salads and traditional salads.

Serves 4 portions.

What you’ll be getting: The nutritional powers of Vinagreira, known for being  anti-inflammatory and for having the capacity to strengthen our immune system! Plus, the perfect substitute for animal protein, our Ora-Pro-Nóbis, which is also known for supporting intestinal and skin health and the anti-inflammatory system. 


Energetic Smoothie:

Add 2 frozen bananas to your mixer, as well as 50 ml of water or coconut water and 2 soup spoons of our freeze-dried açaí.

What you’ll be getting: all the energy you need to help you focus on your daily activities!