Syntropic Transformation – all our agricultural partners need to somehow practice a production that continually seeks a better balance with Nature. We help farmers to certify sustainable practices, share knowledge of the syntropic production system and transfer technologies to a production chain oriented towards balance with Nature.

Value in Community Wisdom – we value and promote the wisdom of traditional communities that live in the Amazon rainforest. We map plant species with benefits known to the community and provide the world with added value to be shared in additional income for communities.

Regeneration through Biodiversity – we encourage and support the production of native Amazon species within sustainable practices. We buy at prices higher than local markets to encourage the production of Amazonian species through consumption.

Digital Syntropy – we will always have preference for partners interested in digital inclusion to use digital platforms that help in the formalization and management of activities, in the quality of production and in the transparency of agreements.

Ethical Diversity – we think and act for the common good of life. We ensure that the working conditions and environment are safe and promote people's health and happiness. No type of discrimination, harassment, disrespect, forced or child labor and mistreatment of any living being will be tolerated.

Legacy for Future Generations – we practice education every day. Children and teenagers receive greater attention to become seeds of community wisdom, relate better to Nature and have their voices expanded.

Anti-corruption – we are proactive in preventing acts of corruption and bribery, mitigating potential situations and explaining to business partners, regardless of their revenue, the importance of ethics and transparency in negotiations specially if involves government agents.

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